General Characteristics

A glass staircase can add an elegance to any setting and with the range available from Aalco, you can be sure there is an option to suit your requirements.

The Glasstree system has been inspired by nature. This is best illustrated in Glasstree Spiral, with its tree-like structure and functional lines which ensure a strong and lasting impression in any environment. The central support is like the trunk of the tree, with the glass steps and their supporting elements branching from it in a modular format to provide the flexibility to construct to a range of different heights. The number of treads and their height can be adjusted through the use of spacers. Glasstree combines maximum structural solidity in a design which is light and airy.

Backbone has been designed around a common basic module through which both linear and curved structures can be created. The capacity to rotate around the vertical plane, the use of rings to adjust the step tread and a wide range of accessories means this is a very flexible system. A double Backbone option is available to create linear stairways, with or without landings. This offers the potential to span greater widths, achieve higher resistance, remove the need in some cases for supporting elements and reduce the dimensions of the glass tread.

This glass stairway is completely transparent, allowing it to effectively ‘disappear’ and not detract from the surrounding features of the building. It is based on a minimalist design, with the laminated glass functioning as the structural support for the whole stairway, through a clever anchor system created by the stainless steel elements used to connect the glass. This makes Glasstep very flexible, allowing it to be adjusted for many different situations. Both the tread and the riser of the steps can be completely personalised to suit the specifics of a given installation.