Maintenance & Cleaning

To ensure the handrail systems are maintained in optimal condition, Aalco has developed a line of cleaning products specifically designed to remove polluting elements and recreate the original film protection on the metal’s surface. A combination of the products can even help to restore a damaged surface.

For general cleaning, a damp soft rag should be used, with no solvent or abrasive material, with the surface then dried to avoid limestone stains. Cleaning at least once a year with Aalco products is highly recommended. In locations subject to particularly high levels of pollution, such as inner cities or coastal locations, cleaning intervals of 1 to 2 months are recommended (or as soon as stains appear).

Further information on the range of cleaning products is provided in the Innosoft data sheet, while additional reading on maintaining stainless steel products is available in our guide “Is Stainless Steel Really Maintenance Free?”.