Materials & Finishes

AISI 304 Stainless Steel

This is an alloy with a Cr content of 18%-20% and a Ni content of 8%-11%. It is the most widely utilised stainless steel in the world, representing more than half of the total, and is ideal for interior applications.

AISI 316 Stainless Steel

This alloy has a Cr content of 16%-18%, a Ni content of 11%-14% and a Mo content of 2%-3%. The latter ensures a better corrosion resistance so makes it ideal for exterior use. In particularly challenging external environments, a mirror finish version of AISI 316 is recommended as this offers even greater resistance to the effects of atmospheric agents, pollutants and chlorides associated with seaside locations.

Galvanised Iron

This Fe360B galvanised iron costs less than stainless steel but is more prone to corrosion. To help address this, it is hot dip galvanised and is a cost-effective option for external locations.


The aluminium we use in our systems is anodised and brushed. The anodising process chemically changes the material surface to make it longer lasting and more resistant to the effects of oxidisation. The brushed finish provides a surface similar to that of glazed stainless steel, offering a more cost-effective solution for both interior and exterior applications.

The appearance of stainless steel can take many forms, depending on the type of finish that is applied to the metal. Those commonly used in architectural applications include:

Satin Finish

Satin finish is mechanically achieved thanks to 400 micron abrasive strips that give the steel a polished effect.


This mechanical finish employs abrasive brushes to polish the surface and increase corrosion resistance.


Using an electrochemical procedure, irregularities are removed from the item’s surface, not only making it smoother but also increasing its reflective properties. Aesthetically, the reflection is equal to that achievable through mechanical polishing procedures. In terms of practicality, a smoother surface also enhances corrosion resistance as it reduces the possibility of the surface retaining contaminating particles. It also makes it easier to clean.


All Glass U profiles and Aalco stainless steel products can be powder coated. This a process through which metallic surfaces are covered with an organic film. This has benefits in terms of both aesthetics and protecting against strong agents. For exterior applications, galvanising is recommended prior to painting. In addition to all RAL colours, other finishes are available, including textured. Please contact us for further details.