Research & Development

The needs of our customers are always foremost in what we do as a business. We listen to their requirements and feed back to a team of designers and engineers who are constantly working to develop new products and to further improve our existing range.

As customers discover new and innovative ways in which handrail systems can be employed in increasingly diverse
applications, so we look at how our products can work with different materials to perform both aesthetically and structurally. Ease of installation is also a constant focus in the R&D that we undertake. That applies not only to how our own handrail systems are installed but also to how they can integrate with and enhance other architectural features.

Flexibility to accommodate a wide range of different scenarios is a fundamental consideration in developing new additions to the range.

Alongside our extensive range of off-the-shelf products, we can also work with architects and designers to develop bespoke items to meet specific needs. Further information is available from our Bespoke Fabrication Service section of the website.