LED Railings

General Characteristics

Lighting can make an invaluable contribution to the aesthetics of many environments and the Aalco LED system provides the opportunity to integrate lighting into specific locations.

An example is the illumination of a stairwell or walkway, increasing safety and security without having to light the entire room – an environmental approach which can offer significant savings in energy. The range includes a post LED system which features an integrated low voltage LED within the railing.

Lighting systems are available for both internal and external applications.

Technical Features


  • Ideal for home and public use
  • Ultra-thin, flexible LED cable, easy to cut and install
  • The revolutionary LED cable is totally waterproof
  • Ultra-bright, over 180 lumens
  • Size of handrail 42.4mm diameter
  • Simple elegant design
Designed for:domestic use and public places
Use:internal and external
Applications:stairs, balconies and balustrades
Material:AISI 316, 304 stainless steel
Finishes:satin and mirror polished